Actor Noah Segan Joins Star Wars: Episode VIII


There are some directors in Hollywood that prefer to work with certain actors over and over, regardless of how large or how small the role is for whatever particular project they are working on, together. And, as we’ve recently learned, Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson is no different…

Website Birth Movies Death is reporting that actor Noah Segan, who appears to be somewhat of a lucky charm for director Rian Johnson, will be joining Johnson in an as-yet-unnamed role in Star Wars: Episode VIII. Apparently, Segan is a friend of BMD, but the site was not let in on the secret of what role the actor would be playing in the sequel to The Force Awakens.

Noah Segan has played a role in most of Rian Johnson’s films and television projects, including:

  • Brick — Dode
  • Looper — Kid Blue
  • Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 14, “Ozymandias” — Fireman

"“Fans of filmmaker Rian Johnson (and, one supposes, fans of Segan) will know that the actor is something of a good luck charm for the director, appearing in just about everything Johnson’s ever directed (yes, even that amazing Breaking Bad episode).”"

Segan is also known for another film — not attached to Rian Johnson — that is now considered to be a bit of a cult classic, with 2008’s comedy horror film, Deadgirl. Segan portrayed a kid named J.T. who fantasized about making his own sex-slave that he could keep in the basement of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. The film ends up turning out to be a twisted zombie-flick, filled with the sick machinations of sexually repressed teenage boys.

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Whatever role Rian Johnson has in mind for Noah Segan, I’m sure it will be memorable enough that we will be talking about it for months leading up to, and the months following after the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII, in December of 2017…much like we did with The Force Awakens and J.J. Abrams placing Simon Pegg in the hidden role of Unkar Plutt.