The Force Awakens on iTunes Features New Bonus Material


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been out on Blu-ray and HD digital download, for a few weeks now, but if you purchase your copy on iTunes, you will be in for a treat…

Just a couple of weeks ago, we gave you our own opinion on the bonus material available on the Blu-ray edition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For a film that did such a wonderful job at restoring the legacy of the Star Wars franchise, for generations to come, the bonus material really was a pleasant surprise, despite not having that coveted extended cut that so many fans were clamoring for.

Now, if you want to buy the film for HD Digital download, you really should consider your purchase through iTunes, as there is now all new exclusive bonus material. Check it out:

Here’s the official press release regarding the new bonus material from iTunes:

"‘Dressing the Galaxy’ — an all-new bonus feature — is available as an iTunes Extras Exclusive for fans who buy or own Star Wars: The Force Awakens on iTunes! Fans will get the whole story of how Rey got her look and learn more about their favorite character’s costumes."

The Force Awakens costume designer, Michael Kaplan comments that there were many elements to be considered with designing the look for Rey.

"“We knew she was going to be in a world of men doing things like climbing and dealing with rocket parts and living this Spartan life, so we had to make her practical, but we also wanted a glimmer of femininity about her. I also knew there were going to be sandstorms and dust, so I wanted the character to be in light colors. It also felt right for her emotionally and for the desert. It also felt very Star Wars especially when you look back at Luke and Leia.”"

It was neat to see Rey in the muted tones of a desert scavenger, and the functionality of her outfit. Daisy Ridley as Rey truly looked the part of someone who has spent the majority of their life living in the harsh world of a desert planet, ravaged by war.

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Kaplan goes on to detail how there were 25 copies of Rey’s costume in the film, with roughly 12 pairs of boots. They had so many because Ridley wore the costume for most of The Force Awakens. This is just another great and fascinating look behind the curtain, at what went into making one of the greatest films in recent history. Time to go download The Force Awakens from iTunes.