Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Adds Huge Expansion


The wildly popular mobile app game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, is adding a massive expansion to the game that will include guilds, raids, chat, and all new characters…

Mobile app game — Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes — is about to release its biggest update yet. The update will allow players to team up in all-new guilds, strategize and socialize in real-time chat, and form and embark on raids against some of the most notorious characters, the Star Wars universe has to offer. This update will open the chance for new players to team up with powerful guild mates, and give elite players new high-level challenges and rewards.

Here’s the official press release, filled with loads of information about this all new update to the game:


  • Guilds are unlocked when players reach level 22. To join a Guild, players can search for a friend, explore recommended Guilds, or create their own.
  • New chat functionality lets players connect and strategize with Guild mates in real time.
  • Guild activities provide ongoing challenges to inspire competition and cooperation with Guild mates for epic gear and rewards.
  • A deep set of Guild management tools allow Guild leaders to customize a logo, make their Guild public or private, promote officers, manage membership, and more.


  • Players can go deep into The Pit, the first in a series of multi-tier Raids that will grow over time. The Pit challenges Guilds to square off against a ferocious rancor, with multiple difficulty levels and a variety of rewards for players from levels 22 to 80.
  • Raid leaderboards let players keep tabs on who’s ahead and who’s behind in the race to be the best and wealthiest in the Cantina.

Earn New Characters:

  • Han Solo (Rancor Raid)- Rebel Scoundrel Attacker who always shoots first. Han gets a free attack at the beginning of the battle, allowing the player to start with a substantial advantage.
  • Gamorrean Guard (Guild Store)- These powerful warriors use Taunts and Counters with multiple Damage Over Time effects.
  • Jawa Engineer (Guild Store)- High-speed Jawa Healer with a critical chance buff that supports both Jawas and Droids—teams that have, until now, not had a healer of their own.

As someone who actually plays this game, this is the update that I have been waiting for. Raising the level cap to 80 — a few weeks ago — was okay, but it wasn’t enough to keep me very interested in coming back every day to do the daily grind. However, with all these new features, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes now looks like a completely new and exciting game again, and I will definitely be playing through all the new content…now if they would only add an actual Sith healer to the game.

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