Pablo Hidalgo Confirms Snoke NOT in Rogue One


If you were wondering if any new characters in the Star Wars universe were in Rogue One — in particular from Star Wars: The Force Awakens — you can wonder no more, because Pablo Hidalgo has put a nail it that coffin…

Creative Executive for the Lucasfilm Story Group, Pablo Hidalgo, was recently asked on Twitter if Supreme Leader Snoke was in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, to which he replied:

"“Snoke is not in Rogue One. Like, in any way, shape or form. This is a standalone movie.”"

It may seem like common sense to many fans, but for others, the promise from Disney that all new Star Wars films, books/comics, and any television series coming from the newly acquired Lucasfilm, would all be connected and considered new Star Wars canon.

The question of Snoke’s involvement in Rogue One, came from the film’s first trailer which showed at one point, a hooded figure kneeling before what appears to be a bacta tank on an Imperial ship (the Emperor’s Royal Guard are in the background).

Why would Snoke be in a bacta tank in Rogue One — a film that takes place before the events of A New Hope? The Supreme Leader’s appearance in The Force Awakens is why the question was brought up in the first place. Snoke has clearly been deformed, in either a fight with someone else, or because of his embrace to the Dark Side.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis)

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But for now, we have our answer, Supreme Leader Snoke will not appear in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and it has been definitively answered by the gatekeeper of Star Wars canon, Pablo Hidalgo. Now, we just need to figure out who that hooded figure is, and who’s in that bacta tank.