Crayola Celebrates Star Wars Day With Virtual Designs


Continuing our coverage of this week’s Star Wars Day — May 4th — we look at what Crayola is doing to get into the spirit of the celebration…

Crayola is celebrating Star Wars Day with some amazing deals and virtual designs. The company is featuring a new line of coloring pads, markers and stickers, all to help get you and your family in the spirit of May 4th. Here’s a list of Crayola’s featured Star Wars line:

The Virtual Design Pro really is a neat way for everyone in the family to get in on the action of designing their own Star Wars spaceship:

  • With Crayola’s NEW Virtual Design Pro Star Wars, kids can create custom Star Wars spaceship designs in the physical world and watch them come alive in the virtual world – exactly how they drew them – on their smartphone, tablet, or iPod touch. The product also features a new technology that allows kids to incorporate textures and materials that inspire them into their designs, like a dollar bill, favorite photo, or even jelly beans, all of which will appear in the virtual world.  Price tag: $17.99

The Coloring and Activity Pad offers markers, puzzles, mazes, and games, and is fun for kids of all ages:

The mini coloring pages are perfect to take on the road, or just for some quick coloring fun.

  • Crayola Mini Coloring Pages, Star Wars: Perfect for upcoming summer road trips, these portable coloring pages provide hours of on-the-go fun. Includes 80 Mini Coloring Pages and six Pip-Squeak Washable Markers. Price tag: $4.99

Color and Sticker Star Wars has it all. With 50 stickers to choose from, your family will have loads of fun, deciding which ones best represent their coloring pages.

With May 4th just two days away, now is the time to get these Crayola products ordered, so you and your family can celebrate Star Wars Day together, and have loads of fun doing it!

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Be sure to stay tuned to Dork Side of the Force, as we will continue to bring you fresh updates from retailers the world over, participating in Star Wars Day, May 4th.