Star Wars Commander Adds New Squad-Based Competition


Mobile app game Star Wars Commander, is launching an all new squad based competition with A unique twist…

Disney/Lucasfilm have announced that the company has launched an all new update to the wildly popular Star Wars Commander, with Squad Stars. Here’s the official press release:

Star Wars Commander from Disney and Lucasfilm allows entire squads to participate in large-scale battles to obtain massive new Supply Crates. These battles will initially take place on Sullust, the ash and lava planet new to the game, and then will expand to additional existing in-game worlds like Hoth and Yavin 4. 

“Squad Wars” adds a new twist to competitive team-based strategic combat with the introduction of “Factory Outposts” which give squads advantages when captured and held. With this factor included in the brand new squad-based gameplay, squads will need to choose between attacking enemy bases to disable uplinks, or conquering outposts to gain tactical advantages that provide offensive and defensive gameplay buffs. 

Every time a Factory Outpost is captured, its defenses are upgraded, making successive recaptures increasingly challenging. With a limited number of attacks available for each squad during Squad Wars combat, squads must work together and make strategic choices in determining when and where to attack to ensure victory and earn that edge in battle. Important new features of the “Squad Wars” update include:

  • Squad War Base – Players will create and edit a temporary base on Sullust to maximize defensive layouts. Commanders will need to request and send troops within the squad to defend bases.
  • Sullust, new to Commander – This volatile planet of ash and lava is where enemy squads will battle for galactic power.
  • Factory Outposts – Squads can capture smuggler-run outposts during individual Squad 
  • Wars to gain tactical advantages over the enemy squad.
  • War Room – The War Room is the central location where players interact with the new Squad Wars feature.

Players can join the battle for control of the galaxy by downloading the game from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Windows Phone Store. Fans can now watch the Commander Cast, read blog posts from the development team and interact within the new forums at

I’ve been playing this game since release. As a die-hard Star Wars fan, the game provides an amazing alternative to other world building and battle/player vs player games like Clash of Clans. The iconic Star Wars heroes and vehicles puts this game far above any other world building game on the market. Any time you can have an AT-AT attacking another player’s base, is a good day.

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If you’re a Star Wars fan, and you haven’t tried Star Wars Commander, then get to the iTunes Store or Google Play and start the free download now, I promise you won’t regret it.