Luke the Son of Anakin Parodies Hamilton the Musical


If you are a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of one of the hottest musicals today — Hamilton — and the man behind the cantina music in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jabba Flow, then we’ve got a treat for you…

Nick Jack Pappas and director Joshua Sarlo decided to pay homage to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton for Star Wars Day, but instead of following the path of Hamilton the two went a different way, they followed the Force, and found a Skywalker, instead. Check it out:

"“How does the bastard, orphaned, son of a Queen and a Sith Lord, dropped in an ignored spot deep in the outer rim by Obi-Wan, a lonely son, a zero, grow up to be a Jedi and a hero?”"

What an amazing line! I would actually pay tickets to go see this on Broadway…or off-broadway, wherever it lands. Regardless, this is an amazing addition to the celebration May 4th (this week) and a respectful homage to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton.

I also love they brought they brought not only the Original Trilogy to Prequels, then they even had The Force Awakens with Rey and Kylo Ren, which was absolutely amazing.

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"“Me, I even looked for him.” ~Rey"

Luke the Son of Anakin was written by:

  • Nick Jack Pappas
  • Directors – Joshua Sarlo & Nick Jack Pappas
  • Director of Photography – Ana Breton
  • Sound Mixer – Dave Rosenberg
  • Choreography – Jade Daugherty\Editor – Ana Breton
  • Title Card – Nick Jack Pappas Graphics – Joshua Sarlo
  • Script Supervisor – Amy Bianco
  • PA – Connie Tsang
  • Associate Producer – Roger Mulligan


  • Luke Skywalker – Alex Ubokudom
  • Darth Vader – Roger Mulligan
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – David Ebert
  • Rey – Lauren Burbank
  • Princess Leia – Eva Richards
  • Han Solo – K.J. Axell
  • Emperor Palpatine – Matthew Jaen


  • Vocals – Alex Ubokudom, Roger Mulligan, David Ebert, Lauren Burbank, Eva Richards, K.J. Axell, Nick Jack Pappas
  • Lyrics: Nick Jack Pappas
  • Sound Mixer – Dave Rosenberg
  • Executive Producer – Ana Breton (@missbreton)
  • Executive Producer – Nick Jack Pappas (@pappiness)