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Relax In The Pool With Star Wars SwimWays Toys And Floaties


SwimWays has all the toys and floaties you need to celebrate the summer, Star Wars style.

SwimWays’s Star Wars toys and floaties give you no reason not to take Star Wars into the pool with you. From a light-up Death Star beach ball to a 60″ Millennium Falcon floatie, celebrating the summer Star Wars-style has never been more fun.

We were fortunate enough to receive the following products for review, and we have to say, they’re pretty sweet. Check out the items, along with pictures and prices below.

Death Star Beach Ball – $6.99 at SwimWays

What’s cool about this beach ball (aside from the fact it looks like the Death Star) is there are two tiny balls inside which light up as they roll around. This would be a great toy for a nighttime pool party, when the lights will be most impressive.

Star Wars Dive Characters – $16.99 at SwimWays

These little guys make sturdy diving sticks. If characters aren’t your thing, you can also purchase diving sticks with ships on the tops instead of character heads, for the same price.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ride On – available in Wal-Mart

This ride-on is just about 5 feet long, and it’s the Millennium Falcon, and you can ride on it, so it’s pretty much the best pool floatie ever. Unfortunately, SwimWays seems to be out of stock of this item, though I did find SwimWays products are sold at Wal-Mart. If you can’t find one there or anywhere else in the wild, go to SwimWays to check out some of their other Star Wars-themed ride-ons (sadly, none of them are as cool as the Falcon).

Star Wars Noodle Lightsaber – available in Wal-Mart stores

The lightsaber noodles are a cool concept, but it’s a little bizarre because the “hilts” are just paper or plastic patterns secured on with what I’m guessing is waterproof adhesive (this is one of the products we received, but we haven’t tested it out in water yet). I feel this product is one you could make at home using your own noodles, instead of spending more money for one ready-made. Once again, these noodles are out of stock on SwimWays, so search for them at your local SwimWays distributors if you really want them.

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We think these products are pretty cool, and we can’t wait to test them out in an actual pool. What do you think? Will you be buying any of these products? Let us know in the comments below.