10 Times Star Wars Made Game of Thrones Better

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Star Wars Game of Thrones: Revenge of the Red Viper

Ah Dorne, on second thought, tis a silly place, let’s not go there ever again. However, there was once a great man from the red sands and beautiful Water Gardens of Dorne, and his name was Prince Oberyn Martell. In Season 4 the Red Viper as he was known, fought for the freedom of Tyrion Lannister and had it not been for his well-known hubris, Prince Oberyn would have won. Oh well, let’s all watch this Star Wars/Game of Thrones mashup and pretend he actually did.

You’ve really got to hand to the folks at Sawdust Films, they really know their stuff. I like how Oberyn starts with the green light saber, then decides to kill the Mountain — giving in to his hate and anger — and comes away with a red lightsaber. Oh, and the Emperor was a nice touch. You can never have too much Palpatine.

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