10 Times Star Wars Made Game of Thrones Better

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The tale of Ser Vardys and the no good Sith Lord Bronn who fought with no honor

Next to Jon Snow, there probably isn’t a more likeable character than Bronn…okay, maybe Tyrion. But still, Bronn is everything a smart aleck, wisecracking, mercenary should be. He’s arguably one of the greatest swordsmen in all of Westeros, probably because he has no problem fighting dirty, because let’s face it, there really is no honor involved, when one is fighting for one’s life.

First, Bronn was nearly thrown through the Moon Door of the Eyrie.

Then, calling on the Dark Side of the Force, he rallied.

Of course, being Sith, he didn’t exactly plan on playing fair, and as I mention below: When does fair and honor come into it, when you’re literally fighting for your life?


Then Darth Bronn delivered the coup de grâce, and Ser Vardis Egan of the Vale was sent flying through the Moon Door.

All you need to know from this scene is that Bronn was fighting for a bag of promised gold, if he beat a knight of the Vale, in order to free Tyrion Lannister. The fight ended up being one-sided because as everyone in the room kept screaming at him, he wasn’t fighting honorably. Well, he won, didn’t he?

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