10 Times Star Wars Made Game of Thrones Better

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That time that Captain Phasma actually kicked ass in something…

In the world of Westeros, nothing says you’re not the greatest swordsman in all the land, than getting beat up by a girl. Now, when that girl happens to be the Lady Brienne of Tarth, a Kingsguard to the slain King Renly, who defeated all his knights to earn her spot at his side, then yeah, maybe it’s not so bad…plus Jaime’s hands (he had both of them at the time) were tied. Side note: Brienne is played by the beautiful Gwendoline Christie who is also Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Special thanks to the amazing folks at COUB for the coolest of cool GIF’s complete with John Williams’ iconic Star Wars score. As you can plainly see, this Game of Thrones scene is made way better with not only the addition of Star Wars lightsaber, but also Star Wars music…it’s a win-win.

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