Star Wars: Episode VIII — Kylo and Knights of Ren VS Luke and Rey


According to a new filming report from super leak site Making Star Wars, a huge battle scene was filmed for Star Wars: Episode VIII at Malin Head in Ireland, involving Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren, facing off against Luke Skywalker and Rey…


The go-to website for all things filming leaks, Making Star Wars, is reporting that a brutal battle scene was filmed for Star Wars: Episode VIII, at Malin Head in Ireland, involving Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren, versus Luke Skywalker and Rey.

Jason Ward, the site’s admin and owner, got a look at some photos taken of a set on the shoreline in Malin Head. The photo depicts seven men in black, all wearing black, with helmets, and they are said to resemble medieval knights.

Ward goes on to explain that his source in Malin Head, detailed the fight scene between these men whom he believed to be the Knights of Ren and Kylo Ren, as they faced Luke Skywalker and Rey.

Apparently Kylo and the Knights of Ren find the planet where Luke has been in exile since Ben Solo turned on him, and with Snoke’s guidance, destroyed his new Jedi Academy. The planet’s name is  Ahch-To, and that’s where Rey finds him at the end of The Force Awakens.

According to Ward and MSW, Rey is hesitant/angry at Luke because he has told her that she must kill Kylo, but she has come to accept it, and faces Kylo is a one-no-one duel. Luke squares off against Kylo’s knights, and apparently demolishes them. What follows below, is an exact description of the confrontation between Kylo and the Knights of Ren, as they battle Luke Skywalker and Rey, for Star Wars: Episode VIII (remember, this is not an official confirmation, but Making Star Wars does get its leaks right about 99.9% of the time):

"Luke Skywalker and Rey are on Ahch-To just before nightfall as the sun sets in the background and it starts to rain."

"Rey’s hair is pulled back. She doesn’t have the vest from VII on."

"Luke and Rey are wearing these costumes:"

"Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren turn up along the coast."

"Kylo Ren continues advancing towards the heroes with the Knights of Ren."

"Kylo does not wear the mask here."

"Kylo has the same cross guard saber as he did in VII."

"Kylo’s costume looked the same as in VII."

"Rey and Kylo Ren duel one-on-one and end up fighting along the cliff face overlooking the nighttime water."

"Kylo wants his revenge after Rey disgraced him."

"The Knights of Ren go for Luke Skywalker while Rey is left for Kylo."

"Luke Skywalker engages the Knights on the beach while Kylo attempts to kill Rey."

"The first black knight has an axe and moves towards the Luke but is Force pushed away to his death after being thrown through the air."

"After Luke dispatches the first Knight he ignites his green lightsaber."

"Luke moves through each Knight one-by-one."

"Rey and Kylo’s battle moves up to the side of a cliff."

"Suddenly Rey is nowhere to be seen. She’s taken out of the battle; she’s either wounded or appears to go over the side of the cliff."

"Luke Skywalker casually walks towards Kylo to finish him but Kylo retreats when he sees his crew defeated."

"Luke Skywalker is a badass Jedi and he’ll destroy your squad."

Luke’s fighting style is said to be a mixture of incredibly strong Force powers and lightsaber mastery. It has also been confirmed that he does in fact still have and use his green lightsaber from Return of the Jedi, which means that Rey probably won’t have to return to him his original lightsaber, from A New Hope.

Finally, MSW believes this is the final Jedi ruin/temple that Luke and Rey visit, and that some of the scenes involving Rey and Kylo fighting and even Luke, may be filmed inside Pinewood studios at London.

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Obviously, if Rey goes over the cliff and ends up hanging over the side, then that would need to be shot inside Pinewood. We have seen Daisy Ridley climbing a rock wall during her training for The Force Awakens, so we know she has the necessary strength and skills.

We want to hear from you! Want do you make of this leaked scene between the Knights of Ren and Luke and Rey? Are you excited to see a powerful Luke Skywalker back in action? What about Rey and Kylo 2.0? Let us know about in in the comments and on social media.