Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comic Page Previews Revealed


Marvel Star Wars has revealed some pages from it’s upcoming Star Wars: The force Awakens comic book run…

We recently told you about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens variant covers that were revealed by Marvel Star Wars for its comic series adaptation of the film. Today, Marvel Star Wars has unveiled preview pages from issue number one.

The art is beautiful, and hopefully since we’ve already seen the story play out on the big-screen, then we know the story-telling will be amazing. Here’s the page-previews, and press release from Marvel Star Wars:

"“The movie that took the world by storm is jumping from the silver screen to the comic page this June! Straight from a galaxy far, far away to the comic book page, Marvel is proud to bring you STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS ADAPTATION #1.”"

"“The first chapter in an epic 6-issue limited series! From creators Chuck Wendig (Star Wars: Aftermath) and Luke Ross (Hercules) – it’s been decades since the Rebel Alliance destroyed toppled the Galactic Empire. But now, on the remote planet of Jakku, there’s been a stirring in the Force.”"

"“A young scavenger named Rey, a deserting Stormtrooper named Finn, an ace pilot named Poe, and a dark apprentice named Kylo Ren. Their lives are about to collide."

As you can see from the story panels, the comic seems to closely follow the events of the film, so I don’t expect there to be any straying from the story, at all. The artwork by Luke Ross is as always amazing, and really brings a different depth to these characters that we Star Wars fans have quickly come to know and love.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens #1 comes to comic book stores and digital download this June, and will have several variant covers.

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Personally I love the idea that Marvel Star Wars is bringing The Force Awakens to the pages of its extremely popular comics. Whether you’re a collector of Star Wars comics, or you just enjoy the story across all mediums, this comic seems like it will have something for everyone.