Fan-Made Star Wars Battlefront 3 Remake Approved for Steam


A group of enterprising fans have been hard at work to remake the unreleased Star Wars Battlefront III, and now, it looks like Steam is going to approve its release…

Website IGN has the scoop (via Eurogamer) on a fan-made remake of the unreleased Star Wars Battlefront III, which has just been approved for release on Steam.

Apparently, Valve — Steam’s parent company — has approved the Star Wars Battlefront III from Frontwire Studios, who renamed the game: Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil

A quick glance of the EA/DICE description of the unreleased Battlefront III, reads like this:

"“A planned third game in the online battle sensation set in the Star Wars universe.Publisher LucasArts never officially announced that it would be making this third entry in the series, but all along its development timeline, rumors and leaks exposed this mysterious and anticipated shooter sequel. Eventually, it was confirmed by sources that developer Free Radical had taken command over production of this next battle for galactic conquest. Sadly, this game was never released, as production challenges and failing fortunes for both LucasArts and Free Radical led to the project being scrapped, with only portable variants of the game surviving to be released under the name Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. Years later, a Star Wars Battlefront reboot was instead commenced by Electronic Arts and developer DICE.NOTE: This game is no longer in development.”"

IGN points out that Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil will be released for free, but that it remains to be seen if Disney will drop the old “cease and desist” on Frontwire for using the Star Wars name.

Then there’s also a possibility EA/DICE won’t be happy about a new game in the Star Wars: Battlefront series without their official seal of approval. The company’s recent Star Wars: Battlefront saw a quite a large number of copies sold, and there is talk that either a massive expansion or a completely new sequel is coming out in 2017.