Young Star Wars Fan With Down Syndrome Got A Cool Surprise From Cosplay Group


The Star Wars fanbase is full of fantastic people who often go out of their way to brighten someone’s day. Someone with cancer, sick children, or those less fortunate than them. This is one of those stories…

USA Today recently ran a story about Orlando’s MegaCon, where thousands of diehard fans of all fantasy, sci-fi, and comic book genres turned out in their very best cosplay, to display with pride, their love of their favorite characters.

The story focused on the littlest cosplayer there, and his love of Star Wars, and how a group of Star Wars cosplayers noticed him, and decided to make his day magical.

Six-year old Preston Todaro has Down Syndrome, but he hasn’t let it get the best of him. Instead, Preston loves Star Wars, and when Orldando’s MegaCon opened its doors, Preston’s mother knew exactly where he wanted to be, and how he’d want to dress…like a Jedi.

According to USA Today, David White, a longtime member of the Mandalorian Mercs (a Star Wars Cosplay group), was touched by one of Preston’s photo-ops, and decided to get the entire crew involved.

"“It melts your heart. We had all of our guys standing around him in costume. To bring a smile to that kid’s face is wonderful. I love it.”"

Preston’s mom was very happy, saying that  a Storm Trooper took a photo with Preston, then walked him over to a group of 10 other Star Wars characters, and it made his day. Preston’s father chimed in:

"“People who put the time in, who spend time with the kids, get them excited … whether it’s make-believe or fantasy, it brings the whole community together.”"

Preston’s dad, Philip, is right on the money. Often times we see cosplay groups gather to go to hospitals and visit cancer wards for children, and in the Star Wars fandom, the 501st legion is well known for their charitable works.

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As someone who lost a 10 year-old nephew to cancer, I can tell you that the day Spider Man and Batman came to visit him at Children’s hospital in St. Louis, was one the best days he’d had in a long, long while.

Groups like the Mandalorian Mercs, the 501st Legion, and my own buddy and Cosplayer extraordinaire The Crunk Panda, are out there helping those who need it most. Keep it up guys, you are all heroes in my book.