Star Wars: Episode VIII — Rey’s Parentage Possibly Revealed


The internet has been set afire this week, with rumors of Star Wars: Episode VIII, and the return of a verified leaker on IMDb, and by a painting that may point to the heritage of Rey…


Our first piece of news comes from the unreliable pages of IMDb. I say unreliable because literally anyone can create an account and edit any page there…it’s that easy.

Website (yes it’s as silly as it sounds, and the dancing stormtrooper doesn’t help either), has the complete rundown from the IMDb leak:

IMDb user Mr_Ghostface_Lives who apparently legitimately leaked scenes from The Force Awakens in 2015, is back to give some inside info on Star Wars: Episode VIII.

  • Luke is not Rey’s father
  • Leia gets written out early on, and only survives after using the Force.

So there you have it folks, some random and anonymous person on the internet claims Rey is not Luke’s daughter, and Leia is not only written out of Episode VIII rather early, but she uses the Force to save her life. Color be super skeptical.

Next, and this is way more legit than Mr. Larry and his IMDb pals, Reddit user Con0rr from the Star Wars Leaks subreddit posted an Imgur link showing a painting titled “Rey Skywalker.”

"Rey lineage theory… confirmed! [bobfreking]"

Now, you may be asking yourself: Why is that so important, and why should I believe this Reddit guy? Well, because the painting in question was painted by Filipino artist, Rodel Gonzalez, who is the only Filipino artist licensed by Disney/Lucasfilms.

Want more proof? I thought you might ask: Below is the title plate placed beneath Rodel Gonzalez’s painting.

And then of course, here’s a write-up about Mr. Gonzalez:

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So now we have two conflicting stories regarding Rey’s parentage. One is from the never-to-be trusted IMDb, and the other is from a licensed Disney/Lucasfilm artist…I’ll let you be the judge on which one is correct.