You Can Now Smell Like Star Wars


If you’ve ever wanted to smell like Star Wars, then now’s your chance, as three new fragrances have burst onto the galactic scene…

Lifestyle Perfumes has just unveiled three Star Wars inspired fragrances, which the company claims represent the best-known elements and characters from the Star Wars saga. Although, I’m not sure how one would bottle the Force and turn it into a fragrance, but kudos to Lifestyle Perfumes for the effort.

According to TIME, there are three different fragrances: Empire (for man), Jedi (for man), and Amidala (for woman).

"EMPIRE covers you with an aura of masculinity and power. A scent that captures the dark side of the Force; mystical, formidable and superior. It starts with a sparkle of fruity notes from lime and apple. Powerful chords of amber, patchouli and tonka-bean characterize the powerful heart and base note that refine the composition. The result is a distinctive, oriental, seductive fragrance – perfect for the night, made for men which one better does not get in the way."

I wouldn’t necessarily identify the Empire with “a sparkle of fruity notes,” but I guess when making something that smells good, one needs to toss in a little fruit? At least the packaging is red and black, so there’s that.

"The swaggering, fearless flair of JEDI combines cleverly the feeling of the powerful presence of the light side of the Force and a valiant sportiness into a composition which is simultaneously sympathetic-fresh and heroic-powerful. Star Wars JEDI underlines the masculinity of the wearer; subtle but unmistakable. The seductive blend of pink pepper in its bouquet, water lily in the heart and sensual notes of musk and sandalwood in the base chord creates a strong aura of positive energy – which makes this fragrance the perfect companion for guys."

Again, the description of the fragrance doesn’t exactly match the name. When one thinks of a Jedi Master like Luke Skywalker, one does not think of pink pepper or water lily. Now, sandalwood actually makes sense, and the packaging is definitely a nice Jedi blue and silver.

"AMIDALA inspired this fragrance through her royal elegance as well as by her strong, indomitable will. The elegant and sensual notes of vanilla, musk and patchouli are complemented by a fruity top note of apple and tangerine and merges into a sovereign seductive aura for any situation by day and by night; a floral perfume with oriental and powdery notes, which makes its wearer irresistible."

I can vibe with the description of Amidala…with the exception of patchouli. Besides that, the vanilla and apple/tangerine does seem like something Queen Amidala would spritz herself with, before holding court on Naboo.

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Unfortunately, according to TIME, these perfumes are only available in Europe, so if you live in the states, I guess you’ll have to continue smelling like a Hutt.