Being Daredevil Ruined Charlie Cox’s Star Wars Audition


Charlie Cox is currently portraying the lead role in one of Marvel/Netflix’s most popular series: Daredevil, but the actor recently revealed that portraying that character for the past two years actually ruined his Star Wars audition…

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter (via Gizmodo), actor Charlie Cox — who is currently portraying the Man Without Fear: Daredevil, on Netflix — revealed that having played a blind character for the past two years, actually contributed to ruining his audition for the Han Solo: A Star Wars Story film.

Here’s how it went down, according to Cox:

"“I had gone to an audition—one of those things that are super secretive and they don’t tell you, but I’m pretty sure it was for the Han Solo reboot—and halfway through it, the casting director stopped me and said, ‘Why aren’t you looking at me?’ I realized I had gotten into a habit of not making eye contact, because the only thing I had done for two years is play someone who is blind. I never got invited back, probably because they couldn’t figure out why I was acting like a complete idiot.”"

I’m not sure Cox would have landed the role he was auditioning for, but he and the actor tapped to portray a young Han Solo — Alden Ehrenreich — actually look a lot alike.

There’s also the fact that Cox didn’t even get called back by the casting director. One would think that after portraying Daredevil in one of the most popular Marvel/Netflix series, ever, directors would afford him a modicum of respect.

However, with Marvel and Lucasfilm both belonging to Disney, perhaps the company didn’t want one of its major stars to become the star of another film, in a completely different genre.

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For now, Charlie Cox will have to settle for being a super-hero for Marvel, but if he continues with the amazing job he’s doing as Daredevil, I’m sure larger film roles will start to make themselves available to him.