No, The Star Wars: Episode VIII Script Hasn’t Leaked


With so many mysterious people stepping forward to claim they have seen a leaked script of Star Wars: Episode VIII, it’s hard to tell who is telling the truth and who is not…

Recently, the Metro UK ran a story on a leaker claiming to have a “verified” email from an insider at Lucasfilm who has seen the Star Wars: Episode VIII script. The leaker describes a scene between Luke and Rey where Luke uses the Force to unassemble both his and Rey’s lightsabers and explain Kyber crystals to her.

The following is a description of the leak:

"“Luke closes his eyes and dismantles both lightsabers, all metal and components removed into pieces, all the building blocks of both lightsabers are separated into tiny bits and pieces, leaving only two crystals, one in each hand (green over left and blue over right hand) and informs her about the importance of the Crystals.”"

First of all, as you can see, the YouTuber Mike Zeroh, Photoshopped Luke’s face into Palpatine’s body and added colored Kyber crystals to the photo. There’s also the fact that Mr. Zeroh is infamously known in the Star Wars Leaks community, as a charlatan.

Next you need to just look at the description of this story, to understand how ludicrous it is. Having Luke use the Force to dismantle his and Rey’s lightsabers in order to show the Kyber crystals, so that he could properly explain the Force to her, is something straight out of The Clone Wars.

Then there’s the response that Lucasfilm story keep, Pablo Hidalgo gave to a Twitter user who asked him about a Episode VIII leak, in April. As you can see, Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson got involved as well.

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The fact of the matter is, even if the leak has any legitimacy to it at all, we won’t know it until the premieres in December 2017. And, the closer we get, the more supposed leaks will start to pour out of the deepest bowels of the internet. The trick is, not falling for the really good ones…which this particular leak, is not.