Game of Thrones Characters in Star Wars


Are you a fan of both Game of Thrones and Star Wars? Have you ever wondered what your favorite Game of Thrones characters would look like in that galaxy far, far away? Well, thanks to a post on Imgur, now you can…

Imgur user Doctaword has posted a gallery of Game of Thrones characters painted as if they were in the Star Wars universe, and it is wonderful. The album is titled Game of Star Wars and there are currently six pieces of art, in all.

The first piece is Tyrion Lannister posed as Han Solo, aptly named:

“Imp Scoundrel Tyrion.”

Next up is Daenerys Targaryen the Mother of Dragons is a slightly different role, as:

“Mother of Rancors Daenerys”

Next we have the Kingslayer, Jaime Lannister. However, instead of being the Kingslayer, he’s the Sithslayer, and instead of having a useless golden hand, he’s got a functional robotic hand.

“Sith Slayer Jaime”

Here’s one of my favorites, Melisandre as a Sith Lord. I’m guessing her and Jaime will be clashing a lot.

“Sith Lord of the Light Melisandre”

Seeing as how this next one looks a little too much like Darth Maul, calling him a Sith, was just too easy, but I guess you gotta go with what you got. Again, more work for Jaime.

“The Sith Knight King”

Perhaps Arya could train with Jaime…if he hadn’t pushed her brother out of a tower. Wait…what kind of Jedi is he, anyway? A Gray Jedi? I mean he is supposed to be a Sith Slayer, right? I wonder if she’s name her lightsaber, Needle?

“Jedi Padawan Arya”

You can visit the artist’s original art on his page where you can see a ton more of his work.

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I love mashups like this, especially when it combines two things like Game of Thrones and Star Wars; two genres I’m passionate about. Let me hear what you think about it in the comments below, and on social media.