Five Questions We Need Answered In the New Rogue One Trailer

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Ah, the ultimate rebel, Saw Gerrara. He’s tough, he rough, and he’s rugged. He certainly looks like he’s seen some hard times, especially now that he’s covered in patchwork armor and limping around.

In Star Wars Rebels, we find out that Ahsoka Tano is the leader of a network of resistance fighters, and she is named the Fulcrum. The ultimate nod to fans would be for Saw to mention her name, either by using her code-name, or by out-right calling her Ahsoka, since he knew her.

Of course, if Rogue One wanted to turn this film into a Star Wars fan’s fantasy full of wish-fulfillment, they’d have Ahsoka show-up and  do battle with her former master, one last time, before the events of A New Hope…but alas, we all saw what happened at the end of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 (although Dave Filoni wants us all to think of that ending quite ambiguously). Damn you Filoni, and your wonderful imagination.

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