Eight Possibilities for Episode VIII at Star Wars Celebration

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One thing J.J. Abrams did right — and I personally think he did just about everything right for The Force Awakens — was that  he kept a very tight lid on filming, and he did not release a lot of teasers and trailers. However, he did bring a Behind the Scenes short-film to the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, where the hard work of the cast and crew were put on display for the fans to appreciate.

Then, J.J. took the entire crowded room, and everyone in the hall outside the room, across the street, where they had a party. The stars of The Force Awakens were brought up on stage and introduced, and a cantina band played actual Star Wars music…it was a blast.

Rian Johnson could do something like this, especially if Kathleen Kennedy is on stage with him. Perhaps Disney and Lucasfilm may want to start a pattern and begin to do things uniformly…but if that’s the case, then we may not get a behind the scenes video at the Star Wars Celebration, as Comic-Con will actually arrive the week after Celebration Europe.

In fact, if we are following suit, we may get…

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