Five Things We Want In Star Wars Rebels Season Three

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  1. Darth Maul Back Again

Maul made a surprise cameo in the finale of Star Wars Rebels season two, and hints from Taylor Gray, voice of Ezra Bridger and the Jedi Padawan Maul wants as his new apprentice, suggest he’ll return in season three. With the former Sith Lord on the loose, there’s no telling what trouble he’ll cook up. He may try to take on Darth Vader or the Emperor (though the last time he tried going up against the latter, things didn’t work out in his favor), or he may try to find his old enemy: Obi Wan Kenobi.

Regardless, we’re pretty sure he’s not done with Ezra or the rest of the Ghost crew. But after failing to get Ezra to turn to the dark side once, what wily tricks will he employ to ensure success a second time? With Maul still in the picture, Ezra’s path to becoming a true Jedi will be long and treacherous, indeed.

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