Five Things We Want In Star Wars Rebels Season Three

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3. Grand Admiral Thrawn

“But it was so artistically done” – Grand Admiral Thrawn

I feel like this idea has been beat over the head till it’s dead, but I can’t keep myself from hoping for it, particularly after Dave Filoni’s coy hints at the introduction of a Legends character to Star Wars Rebels. Grand Admiral Thrawn is perhaps the most popular Legends character (second only, perhaps, to Mara Jade), and is also the perfect candidate for canonicity in the Star Wars Rebels storyline. First, he’s a commanding personality who doesn’t need interaction with any of the main Star Wars film characters to be impressive. His history in the Expanded Universe shows him to be a brilliant strategist and perfect for tangling with the elusive and clever rebels. Finally, he’s a scary enough figure to be intimidating but likeable in the same villainous vein as Palpatine or Tarkin.

Thrawn’s translation into the new canon doesn’t even have to be a direct reproduction of the original in Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire book trilogy. As long as he’s brilliant, blue, and says, “But it was so artistically done,” he’ll be the Thrawn I know and love.

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