Star Wars Rebels Season 3: How Much Has Ezra Changed?


On Wednesday, the Star Wars Show featured a short teaser clip from Star Wars Rebels Season 3. In the teaser, we see a much different Ezra Bridger than we’re used to. So, just how much has he changed?

We are just one-day away from the start of Star Wars Celebration in London, England, where loads of new Star Wars content will be revealed. As part of that content, the wildly popular animated series — Star Wars Rebels — will be a featured panel.

Sam Witwer, the voice of Darth Maul in both The Clone Wars animated series, as well as Star Wars Rebels Season 2 — and we sincerely hope Season 3 — will join Tiya Sircar (Sabine), and Rebels supervising director Dave Filoni, on stage, as they discuss all things Star Wars Rebels Season 3.

Just yesterday we reported on a clip from the Star Wars Show, that featured a teaser from the upcoming next season of Rebels, that shows a very different looking Ezra Bridger. Gone is the shaggy-headed little boy of Seasons 1 & 2, as he has been replaced with a very serious looking young man. As a refresher, here’s the clip (the Rebels teaser is introduced around the 2:30 mark by Filoni himself):

As you can see, Ezra has a brand-new lightsaber. If you remember the Season 2 finale, his unique blaster-saber was destroyed. Perhaps that was a symbolic move by Dave Filoni and the creative team behind Rebels, as Ezra’s old lightsaber could really only be described as a toy. Destroying that toy-like saber may have been the first step in his growth into young-adulthood.

It appears as if we will get to see Ezra construct a new lightsaber, as even the kyber crystal is different in this new saber (his old one was blue). Ezra’s weapon isn’t the only change to his appearance: His hair is cut short, and now he seems to furrow his eyebrows much more. Gone is the whimsical, fun-loving boy of past seasons.

It almost makes one wonder if the Sith Holocron that Ezra kept from the Season 2 finale, is beginning to take its toll on the young Jedi-in-training. We already know that Ezra is very powerful with the Force, but if Kanan is going to have to struggle with being blind, in Season 3, then there may be a perfect opening for Darth Maul, who has said he covets Ezra as an apprentice, to worm his way into Ezra’s life…possibly through the Sith Holocron.

Then there’s this line from the teaser: After Ezra destroys a group of Stormtroopers with his lightsaber and the Force, Hando asks Sabine if that could really be Ezra.

“Most of the time”

What does that mean? Will we in fact see Ezra struggle with the seductive pull of the Dark Side of the Force? If so, Star Wars Rebels Season 3 could be a very good, yet dark season, in regards to story-arc.

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Personally, I am extremely pleased that Filoni and the creative team for Star Wars Rebels have aged-up Ezra. And, with what could possibly be a season filled Ezra being pulled between the Light and the Dark sides of the Force, a much more mature looking Ezra will help bring in a more mature viewing audience to Disney XD.