Rogue One Concepts and Props from Star Wars Celebration


Star Wars Celebration 2016 is in full swing, and the Rogue One panel has already taken place. As part of that panel, the concept-art and props from the film were on display, and the fans in attendance were there to capture it all…

As Star Wars fans make their way through the first day at Star Wars Celebration, many are sharing their photos of the concept art, costumes, and props from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Instead of seeing the character models on-screen, we’re now seeing these costumes up close.

Redditor Piker10 took these photos of the Deathtroopers and the name placards of the various characters from the film, as well as model AT-AT:

"Rogue One Costumes and Models"

The same Redditor then uploaded these photos of those character costumes:

"Rogue One Costumes and Models Part 2"

I like that we can see Donnie Yen’s character Chirrut Imwe (the blind spiritual warrior who follows the teachings of the Jedi, yet isn’t a Jedi), and his weaponry. I wonder if that staff or walking stick, is the same weapon we see him use to take-down the Stormtroopers in the first Rogue One teaser.

Website i09 uploaded to a gallery of photos to its site, featuring some of the ships that will be used in Rogue One.

First up is the TIE Striker:

Next is Director Krennic’s shuttle:

And finally from i09, we have the AT-AT Cargo Walker:

I love that Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, is bringing in all new ships and vehicles to the Star Wars saga. Mixing these new additions with the old, will certainly help bridge old-school Star Wars fans, into the new generation of Star Wars film making.

Website The Verge got some up-close HD quality photos of the costumes and props. For instance, check out Krennic’s costume, complete with Imperial issued blaster.

And look at the amazing detail and finish on this Shoretrooper and his weapon:

As you can see, Rogue One is looking like the dark and gritty war film that Gareth Edwards promised, way back at Star Wars Celebration 2015, and if these props and costumes are indicative of how the story will flow, then we are in for something no other Star Wars film has ever delivered.

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