Star Wars Celebration Europe: EA Star Wars Games Panel Recap


During the Minds Behind EA’s Star Wars Games panel at SWCE, a Rogue One expansion pack for Battlefront was announced, a new chapter of Old Republic was announced, and more.

There is a lot for Star Wars video game fans to be excited for from Electronic Arts in the next few months and even into 2018. During the Minds Behind EA’s Star Wars Games panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe, new expansion packs for Battlefront were previewed, a new chapter of Old Republic was announced, and Visceral’s Amy Hennig briefly discussed a new Star Wars game the latter company is currently in developing.

Below is a list of what we learned from the EA panel.

  • Battlefront is getting a Death Star expansion pack this fall, with Bossk and Chewbacca as playable characters. Watch the teaser for the pack below.
  • Galaxy of Heroes, a mobile roleplaying app where you collect different Star Wars heroes and villains and pit them against each other, got a moment to shine. The producers of the game say it has become extremely successful, with around ninety characters in its roster, and they only have plans to expand from here on out. Rogue One characters, for example, will eventually become collectible. Additionally, a new Raid level (a Raid is when guilds of 50 players can battle each other) located on Geonosis is on the way, with a Republic-era AAT as the Raid Boss.
  • Bioware has been hard at work on a new chapter of The Old Republic, the online PC game which has been added onto with new adventures and characters for five years now. The new installment is called Knights of the Eternal Throne. Check out a piece of concept art for it below.

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  • Next, Amy Hennig,creative director of Visceral (the game company behind the Dead Space series), briefly discussed a new Star Wars game she and her company are developing. It has neither a name nor a set release date; 2018 is all we can expect for now. No trailer, plot or character was shown, but Hennig did reveal a piece of concept art which gives us a clue as to which era the game will take place in.

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You can clearly see the Imperial symbol on the flags and the Star Destroyers in the sky above, placing the game just before or during the original trilogy, or just after the events of Return of the Jedi when the Empire still has some power. The planet looks like Tatooine, Jakku, or even Jedha (a new world which will appear in Rogue One and has adobe buildings in its villages). Hennig did say, however, the game would feature all new locations and characters, so the planet above could be totally new to canon.

  • Finally, the conversation turned back to Battlefront as the fourth expansion pack was announced: Scarif, the beach planet from Rogue One, will be available for download this holiday season. Director Orson Krennic and Jyn Erso will be the playable heroes.

That’s it from the EA Star Wars games panel. Even though no new games were announced, there’s a lot to look forward to. In the meantime, Hennig promised we would learn more about the Visceral game next year, probably at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.

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