Highlights from Carrie Fisher’s Panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe


Today is the final day at the Star Wars Celebration Europe, and there are just a few noteworthy panels taking place before the closing ceremonies. Actress Carrie Fisher’s panel was held, and as per usual with everyone’s favorite princess, it was fantastically hilarious.

Warwick Davis continued his hosting duties today, as he hosted the Carrie Fisher Panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe.

Of course, Fisher brought her loyal companion Gary with her, and when Davis wanted to recreate a scene from Return of the Jedi, the very popular and social-media-famous French Bulldog got very upset that an Ewok was trying to poke his human with a spear. Watch, as the hilarity ensues:

As you can see, once again, Carrie Fisher’s panel at a Star Wars Celebration did not disappoint. In that regard, the Princess Leia actress discussed being in Star Wars: Episode VIII, and when asked about the time period between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Fisher seemed to let slip an Episode VIII secret, by accident:

"“Han’s funeral.”"

Clearly she misunderstood the question from Davis, and quickly corrected herself, and tried to cover her slip-up by talking about Han and Leia’s estrangement:

"“Han and I had a volatile relationship.”"

Fisher also talked about the fact that Han and Leia had a son; a son that grew up to be what she called “Hitler.”

"“We had a child who turned out to be Hitler. You’d feel bad if he turned out like that. I did spank Adam when I first met him.”"

Oh, Carrie Fisher, please never change. The fact that she actually spanked Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) because he was being a naughty son, just furthers our enduring love for her.

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Fisher had other fantastic lines throughout the panel, like her calling the original Princess Leia hairstyle, “my baboon ass hairstyle.” She also made a joke about hoping Leia gets a new lover in Star Wars: Episode VIII.