Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer GIF Breakdown

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On day-two of the Star Wars Celebration in London, England, Dave Filoni and Star Wars Rebels owned the spotlight. During the Rebels panel, the first trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 3 was shown. Here’s our GIF breakdown of that trailer…

Star Wars Rebels was one of the most talked about topics at last week’s Star Wars Celebration Europe, and part of the reason the animated series was such a hot subject, was that executive producer Dave Filoni revealed the first official trailer for Season 3.

Now that the dust has settled in London, England, we revisit that Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer, and break it all down, with GIFs!

We open with Kanan meditating. As you can see he has a new-look mask and he’s still blinded from the injury he took from Darth Maul in the Rebels Season 2 finale.

As you can see, Kanan’s power in the Force has grown quite a bit. Perhaps becoming the blind Jedi Master, has increased his link to the Force.

This next GIF is either a flashback to last season, or Kanan will get his sight back, at some point. As you can see, Kanan and Maul are at it again.

Kanan isn’t the only character to get a new look, Ezra seems to have grownup a bit.

His power has grown as well. He also has a new lightsaber, with a green kyber crystal providing the blade.

Rex has upgraded his armor. His helmet looks new.

Looks like our Rebels will be fighting for their lives, this season.

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