The Six Films that Influenced Rian Johnson with Star Wars: Episode VIII

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Letter Never Sent (1960)

Synopsis: A Soviet adventure-survival drama, that shows its character descending into madness, Letter Never Sent follows a guide and three geologists as they head into the boreal forest of central Siberia. “After much strenuous effort and nearly running out of food, they succeed in finding diamonds in Bolshaya Zemlya. Before they can return, they are trapped by a forest fire that cuts them off from the canoe where their supplies are kept. Now the battle is to survive.”

What does a survival-adventure film have to do with Star Wars? As IGN notes, Letter Never Sent has a love-triangle buried beneath its much larger plot. Could this be referring to a possible budding romance between Finn and Rey?

This film could also point to a character, or a group of characters, who get thrust into a dangerous situation, and have to survive.

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