The Six Films that Influenced Rian Johnson with Star Wars: Episode VIII

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Sahara (1943)

Synopsis: “Sahara follows a stranded group of six Allied soldiers, plus an Italian and a Nazi prisoner of war, as they trek across the desert in Bogart’s tank in search of a legendary well at an abandoned fort. They find the fort but the well’s run dry and a German battalion is headed their way.”

A rag-tag group of soldiers searching and fighting for a precious resource, sounds very Star Wars, to me.

This film’s inclusion on the list just screams its influence on the Resistance. It was quite clear in The Force Awakens, that Leia has had to put her army of new rebels together, with bits and pieces of armies from another time.

If General Leia wants to further strengthen the Resistance, then she will have to fight over every resource available to her, in the known galaxy.


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These films certainly do tell a story, and it’s one that Star Wars fans will speculate over, until the film debuts worldwide, in December of 2017. What do you think? Are we even close with our speculation? Let us know in the comments below and on social media.