Rogue One in Full Force at San Diego Comic-Con 2016


The 2016 San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, and although Star Wars Celebration Europe just finished last week, Disney/Lucasfilm has presented Rogue One, in full force…

Star Wars wont have its usual presence at San Diego Comic-Con, this year, with Star Wars Celebration and D23 to look forward to, Disney has been slowly pulling back how much it brings to San Diego, each year.

In that regard, the display floor at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con opened its doors last night, and fans waiting in line to be the first to get a look at the new and shiny displays from the industry’s leaders, were not disappointed.

This also meant that Disney/Lucasfilm had to bring something to the show, and they brought an amazing Rogue One display. We’ve already told you about the alien that was revealed last night — Edrio Two Tubes. But new aliens weren’t the only thing on display…

Mark Sable on Instagram took a beautiful shot of a Rogue One Deathtrooper built entirely out of LEGO.

 Amazing, yes? YahooMovies got the scoop on LEGO’s big Rogue One reveal:

"“This trooper was created with 27,202 bricks (several thousand more than either the neighboring Captain America or Wonder Woman statues). According to the brickmasters who conceived and built the Imperial, the project took 116 hours to design and then 232 hours to complete. It stands over 6 feet and weights a relatively light 134 pounds.”"

Deathtroopers weren’t the only Rogue One troopers on display, and our friend Johnamarie Macias on Twitter, shared this fantastic photo of a Shoretrooper:

Speaking of amazing shots of the Rogue One display at San Diego Comic-Con, Jesse B. Gill from Twitter, got this awesome video:

There was a new Rogue One Jyn Erso San Diego Comic-Con exclusive revealed:

And we’ll have more on this Black Series character reveal from SDCC, later today.

Next: Edrio Two Tubes, A New Alien From Rogue One, Revealed

That’s it for the Rogue One coverage from the first day at San Diego Comic-Con, but there is sure to be more revealed, the longer the Con goes. Stay tuned to Dork Side of the Force, as we bring you all the news and highlights from San Diego, in regards to Star Wars and Rogue One.