Fans Commission Joker Lightsaber as a Gift for Mark Hamill


Mark Hamill received a Joker themed lightsaber at Star Wars Celebration Europe, from fans who had commissioned the special blade, just for him…

Besides being Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, Mark Hamill has done many other things in his storied acting career. However, the role of Luke aside, Hamill is most known for his prolific voice-acting skills as the voice of the Joker in the animated Batman series. The actor has been voicing the Joker for roughly 25 year, now.

In fact, this week at San Diego Comic-Con, Hamill’s voice will be on display as the Joker, in the animated film, The Killing Joke.

During last week’s Star Wars Celebration Europe, Hamill was presented with a custom-built lightsaber, featuring the Joker’s theme colors, the words “Ha Ha Ha,” and the Joker’s signature playing cards etched into the handle. Here’s the video of Hamill being presented with the saber:

Ken Hampton of Hampton’s Hand-Crafted LED Sabers, presented Mark Hamill with the Joker-themed Lightsaber, commissioned by his customers for Hamill, himself.  Hampton revealed the lightsaber in a video, before flying to London, for Star Wars Celebration Europe:

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A you can see Hamill attempted to give the custom saber back to Hampton, but Hampton made it clear that the saber was a fan-funded gift, just for Hamill.

"“Oh no, that’s for me? I can’t take gifts like this! It’s very expensive.”"

Good thing Hampton was there to calm Hamill’s worries and ultimately the actor accepted the gift with the usual humility and grace. You can even hear Hamill  say that the Joker saber belongs in a museum, which is high-praise for someone who works as hard as Hampton does, to create quality custom-built lightsabers.

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We love Mark Hamill, and it’s fantastic to see the fans rally and commission a custom-built lightsaber that pays homage to Hamill’s non-Star Wars work. It’s a beautiful way for the fans to show their appreciation for the work Mark Hamill has done.