Star Wars Merchandise is #1 on the Top Selling Franchises of the Past Decade


In a recent study released by eBay, Star Wars merchandise sits at #1 on the Top Selling Franchises of the Past Decade…

According to an extensive research report, released by online sales site, eBay, Star Wars merchandise is the #1 selling franchise of the past decade.

The company released an official press statement, before the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, listing 15 other franchises, that have done well, over the past 10-years:

"“Star Wars is continuing to lead among the largest franchises with the most merchandise sold since 2006, bringing in nearly $600 million in sales. Some of the most valuable and rarest Star Wars action figures have made their way onto eBay over the years – what’s more, we’ve found that one Star Wars-related item is sold every 14 seconds on eBay. Behind Star Wars, Batman ranks number two at $216 million in sales while Transformers sits at number three with $178 million. Here are the 15 franchises that came out on top.”"

Additionally, eBay released an analytics report, of the sorts, to demonstrate just how much Star Wars merchandise is being sold, by the second.

Velocity stats of popular merchandise on eBay over the last ten years globally:

  • Star Wars: one item sold every 14 seconds
  • Pokémon: one item sold every 28 seconds
  • Batman: one item sold every 37 seconds
  • Transformers: one item sold every 60 seconds
  • Superman: one item sold every 72 seconds
  • Harry Potter: one item sold every 75 seconds

Another graph shows how each franchise compared, considering its exposure from San Diego Comic-Con. Note: Star Wars has pulled back it’s SDCC presence because of D23, and the annual Star Wars Celebration:

With Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, one can expect the popularity of Star Wars merchandise to firmly hold the #1 spot, as there will be two more films in the new trilogy, the standalone films, and the animated series — Star Wars Rebels.

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Have you purchased Star Wars merchandise in the past 10-years? If so, then you’ve helped the franchise to rise to the #1 spot on this list. Star Wars fans are passionate and dedicated to the franchise, and as long as Disney/Lucasfilm keeps churning out Star Wars films, the merchandise will continue to flow. Here’s to another 10-years atop the list!