Greatest Star Wars Cosplay At San Diego Comic Con


San Diego Comic Con is a mecca for both cosplayers & Star Wars fans. We’re highlighting both with some of the greatest Star Wars cosplayers in attendance at this year’s SDCC.

San Diego Comic Con, which took place last weekend, is THE place to be to show off your fandom and your creativity, and that’s where we find some of the most impressive Star Wars cosplay you will ever see. From Jedi and Sith to BB-8’s and rancors, there is no end to what Star Wars fans can create.

We’ve gathered some of what we think are the greatest Star Wars cosplay from SDCC 2016 for your viewing pleasure below, but let’s be real: all cosplayers are great, and no article could ever be big enough to contain them all.

First, let’s pay homage to the older generation of fans, who have probably been cosplaying longer than the rest of us and could teach us a thing or two about the craft (including how to turn the most emotional scene in Star Wars into a comedy).

A meeting between old Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and the 1,000 year old Maz Kanata is one we hope to see on the big screen, but below is an early taste of what it might be like (with BB-8 rolling in for a cameo; image via


But it was the kids who outshined the adults in Star Wars cosplay this year. Check out the miniature TIE fighter pilot below, with TIE in tow.

These two BB-8 cosplayers are just adorable.

And of course, little girls inspired by their new Star Wars heroine, Rey, turned out in droves (via


"A Rey of sunshine for you, at SDCC."

There were adult Rey’s, too, including one who got proposed to by a Rebel Alliance pilot (and she said “yes;” via



Some cosplayers went above and beyond just basic Star Wars outfits and hairstyles, venturing into makeup, bizarre materials, and even creature costumes.

The following Ahsoka Tano cosplayer, pictured with the voice of Ahsoka herself, Ashley Eckstein on the left, knitted her costume entirely out of yarn.

via @heruniverse on Instagram

Jeremy Fisher, an animator for Robot Chicken, came to SDCC ensconced in a rancor costume he made himself over the course of a year and upon which he spent $2,000.

via @0fish0 on Instagram

Other cosplayers, however, just decided to be goofy (via


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There are hundreds more Star Wars cosplayers which, again, no article could be big enough to hold. But we still want to see more. Do you cosplay, or do you know someone who does? Send us a picture of Star Wars cosplay through our Twitter account, @dorksideoforce, or our Facebook page.