Fantasy Flight Games Unveils New Dice and Card Game — Star Wars: Destiny


Fantasy Flight Games has just announced the release of an all new collectible dice and card game — Star Wars: Destiny…

Star Wars: Destiny is a collectible dice and card game from Fantasy Flight Games, that features “what if” battles for two players. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Count Dooku and Kylo Ren squared-off against Princess Leia and Han Solo, or what the outcome of Luke Skywalker and Qui-Gon Jinn battling Jango Fett and Jabba the Hutt would be, then this game is for you.

"“The entire Star Warssaga is open for you to explore and experience in the fast-paced, epic battles ofStar Wars: Destiny. Now, you can choose a team of unique, famous characters from across the Star Wars universe and battle your opponent with large, full-color, premium dice, a deck of cards, and your characters’ unique, defining abilities.”"

Here’s how the game basically works: Players use both dice and cards to strategize how to best defeat each other’s characters. Star Wars: Destiny’s collectible model invites players to enter the game at their own pace, allowing them the ability to refine their decks with the addition of new cards and dice from booster packs.

According to Fantasy Flight’s announcement, players who will be attending the 2016 Gen Con Indy — August 4 -7 — will be able to demo the game and receive an exclusive, extended-art promo card.

You can read more about Star Wars: Destiny, by visiting the official Fantasy Flight Games website, and scrolling through all the details of the game…which is quite thorough and vast, and I highly suggest checking it out.

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Personally, I am a huge fan of Dice/Card games where players build team decks to defeat their opponent. And, as a long-time player of Rune Age — another fantastic game from Fantasy Flight — I’ve longed for a Star Wars version…looks like my wish has been granted!