What new ships will we see in Rogue One?


Rogue One rockets into theaters December 16th, but we already have a good idea of the new ships and vehicles on the big screen…

If you’re like many of the geeks who enjoy our trips to the Star Wars universe (myself included), then you enjoy the ships just as much as the characters we know and love. So with the promise of Rogue One, we have some potentially unexplored territory, and thus a whole bevy of new ships and vehicles.

And while there are certain to be more than a few returning favorites, here is a look at the ones we know so far, four months before Rogue One’s release.


This looks like a gunship/troop transport vehicle to be used by the Rebel Alliance. We’ve seen it dropping troops in the first trailer, along with a sort of open air gunner spot for covering said troops. Those wings also sweep forward during landing. Nice.

TIE Striker

This baby is a beauty. It looks like a more streamlined version of the TIE Interceptor we first saw back in Return of the Jedi. This particular model of the classic TIE Fighter appears to lean more towards atmospheric combat, but is fully capable of hanging with its space born cousins.

Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle:

No self-respecting Imperial of any importance is complete without their version of the Imperial Shuttle we first saw in Empire Strikes Back. Emperor Palpatine would have his own version for Revenge of the Sith, as would Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens.  And we aren’t completely sure of Krennic’s role in Rogue One, his own version of the Imperial Shuttle marks him as a man of importance. Even if those wings are absurdly long.

Imperial AT-ACT Cargo Walker :

This looks like less of a new vehicle, and more of a modified version of the already imposing and terrifying Imperial AT-AT Walker that famously made its debut in Empire Strikes Back.  Modified to carry heavier loads for construction, it will likely play some sort of pivotal role since Rogue One about, you know, building the Death Star and what not. Worse case, we won’t complain about seeing these things march down Rebel forces once again.

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We want to hear from you: Which is your favorite new ship or vehicle already shown from the information we have on Rogue One? Let us know in the comments, and on social media.