The best 20 photos from the new Rogue One trailer


On Thursday night, during NBC’s coverage of the 2016 Olympics, the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story aired. We’ve gone through the trailer to choose the best 20 photo-stills from the new trailer…

The new Rogue One trailer was certainly exciting, and for our part, we’ve dissected every inch of the new footage. First, with Elaine’s screenshot-breakdown, and then with my own GIF breakdown. However, now that the dust is starting to settle, we’ve gone back through, and picked 20 of the best photo-stills from the new trailer, that really grabbed our attention.

First, let’s watch that Rogue One trailer again:

Yep, still gives me chills, no matter how many times I’ve watched it now. As you can see, there are quite literally a ton of stills to choose from, but I feel we’ve captured some of the better moments, with our choices.

1. Saw Gerrera:

As a veteran of The Clone Wars, Saw has seen more than his fair share of fighting. You can see by the weathered look on his face, and his scarred armor, that he’s been through many battles.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Jyn Erso may have a deeper connection to Saw, than we originally may have thought. Perhaps she was, or still is, part of his mercenary group, before being captured and recruited by the Rebel Alliance.

2. Bodhi Rook:

Bodhi is a former Imperial pilot with an aptitude for all things technical…and a bit of a hothead. He seems like the perfect man for this crazy mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, as long as he can keep a cool head.

3. Chirrut Imwe:

As blind warrior monks go, Chirrut Imwe seems to have a little something else working for him. As he says in this scene, before miraculously dispatching this battalion of stormtroopers, “I fear nothing, all is as the Force wills it.”

4. Kaytoo (K-2SO) and Jyn:

We finally get to see actor Alan Tudyk’s motion-capture work in action, and we get to hear his voice, in this scene. Kaytoo has just informed Jyn that Captain Andor has said she is a friend, so he won’t kill her. Star Wars does have a way of making murderous droids, lovable.

5. Captain Cassian Andor and Kaytoo:

Since we know it was Captain Andor who reprogrammed Kaytoo, from an Imperial droid to a Rebel Alliance droid, it stands to reason that the two would not be far apart for very long.

6. The real Suicide Squad:

As you can see, we have our merry band of Rebels, on what I’m guessing is a  U-Wing transport/gunner, ready to jump into the teeth of the action. What better shot of our squad, than this?

7. Jyn, the leader:

Of course, no squad is complete without a leader, and it appears as if that role has gone to the heroine of Rogue One, Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones).

8. Baze takes aim:

I have a very strong feeling that Baze Malbus (seen holding the giant bazooka-like cannon), is going to quickly become one of my favorite new Star Wars characters.

9. Baze hits the mark:

And it’s because of shots like this. I mean, you’re starring own the cannons of an AT-AT, and what do you do? Well, if you’re Baze Malbus, you fire a rocket at its head!

10. The Flight of the X-Wings:

I’m still getting over this amazingly stunning shot of a squadron of X-Wings attacking an Imperial outpost, at night. I was not expecting to see this, and I am pleased.

11. A Star Destroyer emerges from the shadows:

Again, I am blown away by the cinematography that has been on display, so far, in both Rogue One trailers. Just watching this beauty come sliding out of the shadow of the Death Star, sent chills racing up and down my spine.

12. The Death Star is quite operational:

There are very few scenes in the Star Wars universe that are more iconic than the Empire’s floating space station and super weapon, the Death Star. And this still captures its beauty, perfectly.

13. The Death Star orbits above Jedha:

Another gorgeous scene from the new Rogue One trailer, and just a reminder that with one command, that planet beneath the Death Star, would instantly be turned into an asteroid field. Gorgeous, yet deadly.

14. Director Orson Krennic:

The man in the white cape seems to command the respect of every Imperial he passes. As the director of security for the Death Star, he is going to have his hands full, attempting to stop the Rebels from stealing the plans. Also, he and Vader don’t like each other…so there’s that.

15. A Star Destroyer on the planet’s surface:

Want to strike fear into the heart of the people and planet you are trying to subjugate? Drop a Star Destroyer in their front yard, that’ll do the trick.

16. Jedha:

I’m sure this city on the planet of Jedha has a name, but for now, it’s just Jedha. The moment this vista came on screen, I knew we were back in Star Wars, and I was happy.

17. Imperial Jackboots:

Just look at these stormtroopers and their tank. Nothing says martial law more, than having a military force police your streets.

18. The U-Wing takes flight:

I seriously love the new Rebel Alliance ship in Rogue One, the U-Wing. I love its versatility and design, and I can’t wait to see it in action, in December.

19. Jyn vs the TIE Fighter:

I’m honestly not sure why Jyn Erso is actively running to an Imperial TIE Fighter, unless the pilot is someone she knows and trusts, and is going to help her escape. The plot thickens.

20. Flying through a sandstorm:

Have I mentioned how awestruck I am by Gareth Edwards choice for cinematography in the trailers we’ve seen for Rogue One? I mean, look at this shot! Jyn and Captain Andor are in some thick soup, and if they can’t hit the hyperspace jump, they’re going to crash. What a gorgeous scene.

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