Rogue One-Themed 3D Glasses Coming To Select Movie Theaters


A line of Rogue One-themed 3D glasses by MasterImage 3D is coming to select movie theaters this fall.

Last year, Real D released four Star Wars-themed 3D glasses inspired by The Force Awakens. This year, it is MasterImage 3D‘s turn to make the galaxy far, far away appear in three dimensions for Rogue One (via SWNN).

The new line features two different styles. The first one is black with a green Star Wars logo on the side, and is inspired by the new form of stormtrooper introduced in Rogue One, the deathtrooper. The second style is white with black accents, and is modeled, unsurprisingly, after the classic stormtrooper helmet.

According to MasterImage 3D, the suggested retail price for a pair of these Rogue One 3D glasses is $9.00-$12.00. Expect to pay at least $9.00, depending on which theater you go to.

Figuring out which theaters will have these glasses is like a game of cat and mouse. Last year,  Cinemark theaters were supposedly selling The Force Awakens 3D glasses. Yet, I went to two or three different Cinemark locations before I finally found one which had the glasses in stock.

It’s still too early to know which theaters will sell the Rogue One glasses. But it is good to know the glasses are coming, particularly for collectors.

I am not a 3D glasses collector, but I do own one pair, in the Captain Phasma style, from The Force Awakens line. The glasses are “one-size fits all,” just like normal black 3D frames. I have a small head, so the glasses slip off if I’m not careful. But they are so snazzy and cool, I don’t mind. I would love to have one of the Rogue One styles. The deathtrooper glasses are particularly classy, with their matte black finish and green accents.

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Do you own any of The Force Awakens 3D glasses by RealD? Will you purchase either of the new Rogue One styles from MasterImage 3D? Talk to us in the comments below.