Famous Album Covers Reimagined with Star Wars Films Influence


God bless the internet. In perhaps one the most creative Star Wars pop art creations ever, Facebook and Instagram user whythelongplayface has recreated some of the most iconic album covers using Star Wars themed images…

Whythelongplayface has dozens and dozens on his Instagram page, and we grabbed a couple of the highlights for everyone’s review. Seriously, some of these are so good we demand an explanation as to why this guy isn’t the head of digital marketing somewhere.

Star Wars works with just about anything, and Whythelongplayface proves it with these offerings. First up, we have the classic Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon, re-imagined as what we suppose would be The Dark Side of that’s No Moon?  Or perhaps just The Dark Side?  The possibilities are endless.

Next up is another Pink Floyd classic, Wish You Were Here. The original album depicts to businessmen shaking hands, with one in flames representing the fear of getting burned by someone you just met. Here we have Princess Leia inserting the Death Star plans into our favorite droid (Sorry BB-8) R2-D2.

Here we have Tears For Fears debut album The Hurting, spliced with Boba Fett’s reaction to Jango’s death to create Tears For Fett The Hurting. Awesome.

U2 always seems to take themselves so seriously, but whythelongplayface obviously did not. U2’s The Joshua Tree is hilariously reimagined as UTINNEE’s The Jawasha Tree.

And last but certainly not least, (seriously this guy covers all kinds of geek pop culture icons) Led Zeppelin’s self titled debut album is re-titled Led Destroyer. We love this guy.

These re-imagined album covers using Star Wars to replace the iconic scenes, are absolutely brilliant and Whythelongplayface seriously deserves an award, or at the very ;east some more exposure for his amazing work.

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We want to hear from you: What do you think of Whythelongplayface’s Star Wars themed mashups with iconic album covers of the past? Let us know in the comments below and on social media.