5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Star Wars Rebels Season 2 On Blu Ray

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via Lucasfilm

Star Wars Rebels season 2 is out on Blu Ray and DVD! We’ve got five reasons why it will make a fine addition to your home video collection.

The second season of Star Wars Rebels is out on Blu-Ray and DVD, and we couldn’t be more excited. Season 2 featured some of the best Star Wars Rebels episodes yet. Old friends (and old enemies) were revisited, new worlds and challenges were faced, and in the end, our heroes had to make huge sacrifices.

There’s no doubt buying an entire season of a television series is an investment. Not only are you spending upwards of $25 to purchase it on Blu-Ray or DVD, by buying it you are making the commitment to watch the season over again. And over and over.

Is Star Wars Rebels season 2 worth the investment of your credits and, more importantly, your heart? We think so, and we have five reasons why.

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