5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Star Wars Rebels Season 2 On Blu Ray

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4. Discover Easter Eggs With Connecting the Galaxy

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In an effort to create a cohesive universe, Lucasfilm has scattered references to other Star Wars stories all over Star Wars Rebels. The crossguard lightsaber Ezra Bridger finds in the Rebels season 2 finale, for example, is a direct reference to Kylo Ren’s lightsaber in The Force Awakens.

But there are more subtle Easter eggs, too. Some of them are more than just references and introduce new concepts and potential story lines. The Sith superweapon in the season finale, for example, was first referenced in The Clone Wars. Now that it has appeared on-screen, we may see it and more Sith and Jedi lore in other parts of Star Wars canon.

All references, subtle or obvious, to other canon stories in Star Wars Rebels season 2 are pointed out in Connecting the Galaxy, a short bonus feature on the second disc of the Star Wars Rebels season 2 Blu-Ray set. If you love Star Wars trivia, Connecting the Galaxy will be an enriching viewing experience for you.

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