5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Star Wars Rebels Season 2 On Blu Ray

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3. Go Behind the Scenes With Rebels Recon

If what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite Star Wars show is your jam, Rebels Recon is a must see. The weekly YouTube show is produced at Lucasfilm headquarters, where host Andi Gutierrez interviews Star Wars experts about the latest Rebels episodes. In addition to showing interviews, Rebels Recon also reveals concept art, premieres clips for the next episode of Rebels, and fields fans’ questions to Lucasfilm Story Group guru Pablo Hidalgo.

The Star Wars Rebels season 2 Blu-Ray set includes every episode of Rebels Recon made for season 2. That means, if you finish watching an episode of Star Wars Rebels and you want to learn more about how it was made, you can go to the menu and find the Rebels Recon installment that addresses that episode. The setup is convenient, and even practical because of all your Star Wars Rebels season 2 content is in one place: your Blu-Ray player.

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