Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Adds First Rogue One Character Event


The wildly popular mobile app game, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, has just added its first Rogue One: A Star Wars Story character event…

EA’s Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has just added a Rogue One character event to the game, and if you began logging in on September 1, then you will have an opportunity to reap the reward of obtaining the character — Scarif Rebel Pathfinder. Here’s the what the official press release had to say:

"The monthly login character for September will be the all-new unit “Scarif Rebel Pathfinder” from the upcoming Rogue One movie. In concert with that, there will be an event requiring a Rebel team that players can play once per day to get an additional shard of this character. Completing the event each day for the month (30-day event) and completing all logins will give enough shards to get the character to 3 stars."

As you can see, the Scarif Rebel Pathfinder is a character that will play a support role for any team you wish to set up. Turning to website SWGOH.GG, we have a look at the Pathfinder’s stats:

Dig in: 

  • Deal physical damage to a target enemy with a 70% chance to gain Offense Up for two turns. All other allies gain 15% turn meter.

Explosive Entry: 

  • Deal physical damage to all enemies with a 70% chance to inflict Offense Down for three turns. Additionally, gain Taunt for two turns.

Do or Die: 

  • If Scarif Rebel Pathfinder has any buffs when he is defeated, he is revived with 15% Max Health and 20% Turn Meter for each living Rebel ally. Whenever Scarif Rebel Pathfinder is defeated all other allies gain Speed Up for two turns.

That last ability, Do or Die, makes Scarif Rebel Pathfinder worth logging in every day in September and playing the event, because this character is a must have for any Rebel-centric team.

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