5 Actors We Forgot Will Be In Star Wars: Episode VIII

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1. Kelly Marie Tran

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Finally, we have Kelly Marie Tran. Unlike the previous two actors, who like Tran are new to the Star Wars franchise, we know very little about. Her career in filmmaking has neither been long nor illustrious; it consists mainly of bit parts and short films. That is no meter by which to judge her acting ability, however. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were cast in starring roles in The Force Awakens, and neither had much acting experience beforehand.

There are two interesting things about Kelly Marie Tran’s casting. The first is, she is Asian. Until Rogue One, which premieres in theaters December 16th, no Asian actor ever got a starring role in a Star Wars film. Now, not only does Rogue One star two Asian actors, but Tran is also getting to shine in Episode VIII. It’s exciting that a diverse array of actors – Caucasian, Puerto Rican, African, Spanish – are getting the opportunity to be part of the most popular science fiction story in the world.

The second thing that makes Tran interesting is the role she is rumored to have in Episode VIII. If the reports we’ve heard are correct, she screentested with John Boyega to gauge the chemistry between the two actors. A test for chemistry tells us Tran’s character will directly interact with Boyega’s character, Finn, in Episode VIII. Finn is one of the main protagonists in the new trilogy of Star Wars films. By her association with him, it is safe to assume Tran’s character is also important in the grand scheme of the Star Wars story, and not just a background presence who only gets a few seconds of screentime and a couple of lines. It is even possible she is more important than all of the characters we have talked about so far. The fact both Boyega and director Rian Johnson have commented on how Tran is, gives credence to this theory. For this reason, I am more excited to see who Tran’s character is and what she does in Episode VIII than I am for Laura Dern and Benicio del Toro.

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I know we’ve got Rogue One to be excited about for this year, but the hype for Episode VIII is even stronger, even this far out from December 2017. Fortunately, Johnson promised at Star Wars Celebration Europe in July that next year’s Celebration in Orlando will be all about the next installment in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. In the meantime, keep checking Dork Side for all the latest announcements and rumors circling Star Wars: Episode VIII.