Hasbro creates Star Wars StudioFX App; lets you add effects to your life


Hasbro has created perhaps the greatest app of all time; allowing you to create special effects to pair with all your Star Wars toys.

Growing up in the Smith household we had two types of toys; GI Joe and Star Wars. Countless hours were spent with the little plastic figurines shooting imaginary bullets and blaster beams at one another as the Empire and Rebels fought endless battles in my bedroom. But now, thanks to the miracle of technology, imagination is no longer necessary.

Mashable brought us all the details of the upcoming Hasbro app; Star Wars Studio FX app for iOS and Android. The app allows you to not only bring the special effects Star Wars to life for your toys, but it can also be used for you and your friends to create your own Star Wars mini-films. Five basic effects come with the app at launch, with a further 25 available to unlock.

How does one unlock the effects you ask? The app awards you with credits for each video you shoot, encouraging fans to use the app as much as possible. If for some reason you can’t wait, purchasing Hasbro branded Star Wars toys will also allow you to unlock a random effect for scanning the bar code.  Effects can be as simple as an ion cannon blast, or an explosion, but you can also add R2-D2 and BB-8 to footage of yourself or friends while you order your Starbucks.

So if you’ve ever wanted to re-enact the Battle of Hoth with those toys you know you have in the closet or have BB-8 roll around your backyard with your dog, Hasbro just made all your dreams come true. And if you’ll excuse us, I need to go find my brown bathrobe and my plastic lightsaber.