What We Know About The Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Premiere Episodes


With Star Wars Rebels season 3 less than a week away, we reflect on what we know about the two-part premiere, which was screened at Star Wars Celebration Europe.

For the lucky fans who attended the Star Wars Rebels season 3 panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe this past July, the third season’s two-part premiere is no longer a mystery. For those of us who didn’t or couldn’t go to Celebration Europe, however, we have to wait till September 24th to learn what has happened to our rebel heroes in the interim since the season 2 finale.

But thanks to a mostly spoiler-free review from Nerdist’s Kyle Anderson, who saw the early screening, there are a few things we know we can expect.

SPOILER WARNING: Mild spoilers about the general setting of the season 3 premiere follow. If you want to be completely surprised in every aspect by the cable premiere next Saturday, scroll no further.

First off, and of most interest to Legends fans: Grand Admiral Thrawn only has a small role in the premiere. I’m glad to hear this because it means he wasn’t brought in to be a one-episode villain. He’s going to be sticking around for a little while.

Another thing we found out from Nerdist’s review is Ezra Bridger is grown up in more ways than just his looks. The premiere starts out with him as the leader on a rescue mission. Anderson added that his leadership success leads to arrogance later on. This is not surprising because we know from the full trailer for the season 3 that Ezra will struggle against the temptations of the dark side.

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Anderson also implied Kanan is much changed. He does not go on the rescue mission with the rest of his friends. Nor does he take part in any of their or Phoenix Squadron’s activities. Rather, he stays on Chopper Base – the planet where the fledgling rebel fleet has set up shop – and tries to find ways to cope with his newfound blindness. While meditating, he meets someone important, but we won’t spoil their identity here. Let’s just say, Kanan probably finds some wisdom to help him want to be a member of the Ghost crew again.

There is something else we know about season 3 in general, which may or may not manifest itself in the premiere episodes. We know Sabine Wren, the gun-toting artist Mandalorian of the Ghost crew, will have more of a main character role in the third season. The premiere would be a good place to establish her greater importance to the scheme of the Star Wars Rebels series. But it remains to be seen if that is what will happen.

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That’s what we know about the third season premiere of Star Wars Rebels. Don’t miss its debut on Disney XD and the WATCH Disney XD app Saturday, September 24th.