Force Friday: Sideshow Collectibles Rogue One Offerings


Sideshow Collectibles, perhaps the greatest toy maker in the galaxy, is set to release an exclusive batch of Rogue One figurines, and we have your first look.

Since its foundation in 1994, Sideshow Collectibles has quickly established itself as the high collectible manufacturer for all things geek, be it television or movies. So it’s with great excitement we present to you their Rogue One collection, now available for pre-order this Force Friday.

These beauties are seriously the best-looking collectibles you will see on the market, and their price tag reflects that. Could there be a better gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? We think not, and Sideshow’s payment plans allow for even the geek on a budget to enjoy these works of art.

6. Death Trooper Specialist Premium Format Figure

Photo Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

At 21 inches tall, this incredibly detailed Premium Format Deathtrooper will make you say “Wow!” Unfortunately, your wallet will be saying “Ouch!” because this deathtrooper costs a whopping $549.99. But you may decide the heavy price tag is worth it to have an amazing Rogue One original trooper on display in your home or workspace. You will have to wait a while to get him in your possession, however; while you can preorder him today, Sideshow Collectibles says not to expect him until December 2017-February 2018.

5. Darth Vader 1/6th Scale Figure

Photo Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Look at the Dark Lord of the Sith, has he ever looked more resplendent? This 1/6th scale figure looks like a production still from the movie.  An actual collectible that one can hold or place upon their desk at work has no business looking this good. Of course, Vader comes complete with lightsaber hilt, a Death Star-inspired stand, and Vader’s new and improved body armor from Rogue One. Who doesn’t want a clenched fist Vader on a shelf at home? As a smaller figurine, this bad boy will only cost you $249.99. He will arrive in stores somewhere between January-March 2017.

4. Death Trooper Specialist 1/6th Scale Figure

Photo Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

While not quite as detailed as their larger Premium Figure, this 1/6 Scale Death Trooper Specialist is still nothing to shake your fist at. That’s like complaining about your Porsche just because some other guy has a Ferrari. As in, these things are still pretty damn awesome. Posable and brimming with accessories, this guy should strike fear in the heart of the Rebellion. Or your kids at least. And those green lights at the tip of his helmet? Actual LED lights, not just some paint. Paint is for amateurs.  This fearsome killer will cost a mere $234.99 and be available by November-December 2016.

3. Tie Pilot 1/6th Scale Figure

Photo Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Here we have the TIE Pilot from Rogue One, that once more looks as if it just walked off the set. Like all the 1/6th figurines, this guy is fully posable, though as one would expect of a pilot, accessories are rather slim. The fewer accessories, the lower the price; the TIE pilot is only $209.99. Preorder him today and receive him in summer 2017.

2. Shoretrooper 1/6th Scale Figure

Photo Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

The shoretrooper is another form of Imperial trooper never seen before Rogue One. Therefore, his design is unique and more interesting to look at than those we’ve seen already. He reminds me of a clone trooper from the prequels in the way his light-colored base armor is “decorated” with yellow and blue (I’m sure the color bands have an actual utility). Fortunately, his cool look does not jack up his price tag: he can be yours in the spring of 2017 for $204.99.

1. Stormtrooper Jedha Patrol

Photo Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Finally, the classic stormtrooper rounds out Sideshow Collectibles’s Rogue One collection. This particular stormtrooper is on patrol on Jedha, an arctic desert planet where we meet Chirrut Imwe. A couple of things to note are he is wearing a beige-colored shoulder pauldron (we’ve only seen orange ones up to now) and carrying a wicked rifle. He also comes with a survival backpack. His price is $219.99 at Hot Toys, where he is an exclusive item. Preorder him now and receive him in the mail somewhere between October and December 2016.

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Will you be dipping into your savings to buy any of these figures? Let us know which is your favorite. Happy Force Friday weekend!