5 Things We Want to See in the Last Rogue One Trailer

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

The last Rogue One trailer will drop upon us tomorrow, and before it does, we have come up with a wish list of things we want to see in the last trailer before the Star Wars spinoff hits theaters December 16th.

The general plot has been established; we know we are going to see the Rebels successful heist of the Death Star plans pre-A New Hope, but details still remain sketchy. And while the major beats of the story aren’t likely to be revealed in the trailer, some details are likely to be included in the final trailer.

Studios often go in completely different directions with the last trailer before a movie is released, especially if  the audience is struggling for a feel for the movie. And while hardcore Star Wars fans are likely going to see Rogue One no matter what, casual fans are probably wondering where all the characters they know and love are. Hence, the final trailer might show us more of what casual fans are looking for, which likely means a heavy dose of Darth Vader in the final trailer.

We caught a glimpse of the enigmatic Lord of the Sith in August’s trailer, but it still remains unclear to what extent Vader will appear in Rogue One. Hopefully, the trailer tomorrow gives us a better idea of his role in the movie, along with a few other surprises we have yet to see in all the previously released footage from the movie. Either way, it’s a new trailer, and its time to get hyped, so here are the top five things we want to see in the last Rogue One trailer.