5 Things We Want to See in the Last Rogue One Trailer

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm – via Entertainment Weekly

5. More Saw Gerrera

First off, we want to see more Saw Gerrera because Forest Whitaker is so damn cool. You shouldn’t need any other reason to want more Saw Gerrera in the final Rogue One trailer, but we will give them to you anyways. Gerrera is unique amongst the characters appearing in Rogue One in that he is the first character to first appear in an animated series to show up on the big screen. So how does Gerrera make the transition from small to the big screen? What leads Saw to join up with the rebellion proper?

Saw Gerrera’s experience leading the rebellion on Onderon, likely means Gerrera will play the elder soldier for the group of young rebels attempting to steal the Death Star plans. Gerrera paid a heavy price during the rebellion on Onderon, losing his sister Steela, so rebelling has a cost to Saw, it’s not just an ideal. So please give us more of that. Give us gruff advice. Give us lines that are delivered with such passion and energy that you can’t help but get out of your seat. Give us more Forest Whitaker reading the dictionary for all we care.

Seriously, though, we would love to see more of Saw Gerrara’s role in the theft of the Death Star plans. Is he there as some sort of hall monitor? Keeping the youngsters in line? Gerrara’s role in the movie is perhaps the most mysterious, and a bit more clarity on it would be great. Or just more Forest Whitaker. Did we mention that?